Acoria MC Rules

These rules must be followed at all times. Rules can be changed or added at any given moment so check periodically.

1. RESPECT EVERYONE 1.1 Do not harass or discriminate If you can't show respect towards everyone, you will not be tolerated. Do not discriminate, flame, or threaten other players. Our goal is to create a healthy server environment. 1.2 Do not slander others Lying about other players/falsely reporting them, does not help anyone. Slander: creating a false statement about someone. 1.3 Do not threaten players in any way. (Violent threats, DDOS, etc) 2. NO HACKING/CHEATING 2.1 Do not use unapproved mods/clients These include but are not limited to: XRAY, click aimbot, auto fishing, or any macros that give an unfair advantage. We only allow mods that do not give an unfair advantage over players. Please ask a staff member if you are unsure about whether a mod is allowed on the server. Approved Mods: Minimaps - player/mob tracking and as underground cave systems must be disabled. Optifine/Shaders Raising your gamma Texture Packs, except those that give X-Ray or unfair advantage. Inventory Tweaks 2.2 No duping/exploiting Using dupes or exploiting bugs is prohibited. Please report all bugs and exploits immediately to a staff member. Taking advantage of bugs/exploits for personal gain will result in a permanent ban. 3. CHAT RULES 3.1 Keep the chat appropriate No excessive swearing, no sexual language, and do not discuss illegal activities. Keep controversial topics out of general chat, you may discuss privately if you want to. This includes politics, religion, and/or other controversial issues. 3.2 Do not spam the chat Spamming the chat will result in a warning, followed by a temporary mute. Please do not repeat the same or similar message multiple times or swear excessively. 3.3 English only in general chat Please refrain from speaking another language as some players may not understand what you are saying. If you'd like to speak in another language, please use another channel (Town Chat, Nation Chat, Private Message, etc). 3.4 Do not spam market or player shop advertisements. Please wait 10 minutes between ad messages. If another player has recently advertised a shop, you cannot advertise the same shop within 10 minutes. 3.5 Do not start personal arguments or create intentional drama between players. The staff has the right to penalize those who they consider being disruptive. 3.6 Do not use an inappropriate, offensive, or derogatory username, skin, or nickname. If you join the server with an offensive username, you will be muted until your name is changed to something appropriate. 3.7 Personal information Do not share personal information about others without permission. This includes: Phone Numbers, Address, Personal ID, Pictures, Social Media Accounts, etc. 4. GRIEFING/BUILDING 4.1 Griefing will not be tolerated Do not break, steal, or place things in areas you do not own without permission. Do not kill another player's mobs, animals, pets without permission. No stealing from containers, if a player drops an item by accident, you must return that item upon request. 4.2 No inappropriate builds 4.3 Stealing and deconstructing builds is not allowed. This includes claiming over fallen or unclaimed towns. Please protect your structures and containers if you want them to remain safe and untouched. 4.4 Do not purposely build in wilderness near another town. This prevents them from expanding and halters their progress. You will be dealt with by staff. 4.5 Maintain the main world. Do not destroy the environment of the towny world except when building. Please use /resource to gather materials.

5. NO WRONGFUL KILLING 5.1 Do not kill another player after teleporting/warping to them 5.2 Do not kill another player on or near their own property 5.3 No death traps of any kind. 5.4 Do not use /fly, /god, or any unfair advantages when pvping. 6. ECONOMY 6.1 AFK farms and mob grinders are allowed (No lag machines) As long as you don't use macros, auto-clicker, etc 6.2 No Scamming If you intentionally steal items or money while agreeing to a trade, that is considered scamming. Failure to follow up on agreements is also considered scamming. 6.3 Bugs and Exploits You must report a bug/exploit immediately after discovering it. If you are found abusing a bug or exploit, you will be punished.

7. NO ABUSING DONATIONS 7.1 Do not impersonate a staff member or another player using /nick or /prefix. 7.2 Do not chargeback donations sent to the server in any way. All chargebacks will result in an instant IP ban. There will be no chance for an appeal.

8. NO ADVERTISING 8.1 Do not advertise other servers. Mentioning servers during discussion is allowed, advertising IPs is not. 8.2 Youtube/Twitch/Other Channels You may advertise your channels as long as you are not spamming. 9. ACCOUNTS 9.1 Alt Accounts You may not have more than one alt account. For families, 3 accounts per IP is allowed. Speak to a staff member if you have any questions. 9.2 Responsibility & Accountability Regardless of who was playing on your account, it is your responsibility to make sure that person is following the rules. If they are caught breaking the rules, appropriate punishments will be given. No exceptions will be made. 9.3 Bypassing Bans If you try to bypass a ban by using an alt account, your alt will be banned and there will be an extended punishment on your main account. 10. STAFF 10.1 Impersonating staff or other players is not allowed. Do not impersonate players or staff with /nick, changing alts, etc 10.2 If you've been reported by a player(s), you will be contacted by staff to address the issue. 10.3 You may be asked to stop if a staff member feels you are disrupting them from doing their job. 10.4 Staff has the final say, please respect staff & do not argue if a decision has already been made. If you disagree, you can contact a higher up staff member (Admin+) or submit a ticket on our discord and it will be reviewed. If you feel that a staff is targeting you or has treated you unfairly, you should obtain as much proof (screenshots and chat logs) as possible and report them to a high staff member.