Jobs, economy and markets.

Acoria MC is a towny survival server heavily revolved around an economy. This means you will rely on money to buy items from players, fund your town, rank-up, create player warps, etc. To start earning money, you must join a job. Check out the jobs by using /jobs OR right clicking the Job villager at spawn. A menu will pop up with icons of each job. Choose a job and right click that icon to join. There are a variety of jobs to choose from and depending on what you like to do the most, you should pick accordingly. Examples include: Miner, Digger, Builder, Lumberjack, Fisherman, etc. Another way to join a job would be using /jobs join (name) Example: /jobs join Miner Each job has it's unique tasks that you must do in order to earn money. To view a detailed description of job payouts and experience, use /jobs info (job name) and a list will appear in chat. Example: /jobs info Miner You can use the server shop to buy items by typing /shop Please note that these prices are raised to encourage players to make their own player shops. You can sell items by holding it and typing /sell hand, or /sell all to sell all at once You can only use sell commands for items that are listed in the shop. We encourage players to create their own quick shops to sell items. You can also create a player warp ($12k) to make it easier for people to teleport to your shop. Use /pwarp set (name) Note: You are limited to one player warp by default Diamonds and emeralds cannot be bought, they can only be sold in the server shop. This is because we have a unique trading system with these ores. You may visit the trading posts to view all trades. Players can earn special job boosts or even temporary fly by saving diamond and emerald blocks.