General Information

Useful information regarding gameplay.


The server difficulty is set to HARD

  • Spawn World (World where you spawn, no building)

  • Towny World (Main world to create your towns, build, and settle down)

  • Resource World (World made for collecting materials. Hostile mobs OFF, resets at the beginning of every month)

  • Nether World (The Nether)

  • End World (The End)


Although PVP is enabled, we are not heavily focused on PVP. That option is there for players who wish to duel it out for fun. You can always create a town and disable PVP.

Keep Inventory

Keep inventory is disabled, we have a peaceful resource world for gathering materials as well as homes you can set to retrieve your stuff.


You can only mine spawners with silk touch after reaching Planet Rank.

Using Fly Fragments

  • Only use fragments that enable fly in the Towny/Resource Worlds. (This refers to Ruined Fragments or Epic Fragments)

Using Boosts

  • When using boosts, you will be notified once it has started but not for when it ends.

  • You can determine if a McMMO boost is active by checking your experience gain.

  • You can determine if a Jobs boost is active by using /jobs bonus (any job name).

Chunk Limits

  • Max 30 mobs per chunk.

  • Max 45 item frames per chunk.

  • Max 30 hoppers per chunk (slowed by 2x speed)

  • Max 10 armor stands per chunk.

  • Max 5 spawners per chunk.