Getting Started

Basic information to help you get started.

Once you join the server, there are a few things to help you get started. There is a tutorial area that lists useful information, you can warp there by using /tutorial

Next, we offer a kit for food that is available every 6 hours. Use /kit food You start collecting materials using our resource world by typing /resource This world has mobs turned off and should be used when mining or collecting materials. The resource world resets at the beginning of each month so be sure to remove any temporary chests or belongings by then. Please do not mine in the main world aka towny world. We have the resource world for a reason. If you wish to join a town, you may ask players if they are recruiting people. You can also check out the existing towns using /t list If you want to create your own town, first you'll need to reach Rank Asteroid. You can do this by typing /ranks, which will give you a list of each rank-up cost. To rank up, make sure you have enough money and type /rankup Each rank gives you new perks and the last rank gives you the ability to /fly in towny world and resource world

You will start off as Debris so reaching Asteroid would require 1 rank-up. After reaching Asteroid, you must have $3,000 ready to create a town. Use /t new (name of town) There will be a daily upkeep (24 hours) of $200 This means that your town must have at least $200 each day, or else it will be deleted. To deposit money in your bank, use /t deposit (amount here) Note: upkeep will increase as more players join your town.