Quick Shops

Information on player shops, warps, etc.

Players who have reached Rank Moon can create their own shops using quick shops. By using chests, you can sell items or buy items from players easily. To create your own quick shop, follow the instructions below: How to Create a Shop

  1. Place a chest on the ground

  2. Hit the chest with the item you want to trade

  3. Type in the price for the item (as prompted) in chat

  4. Fill the chest with the items you wish to sell


  1. Face the chest

  2. Type either /qs sell or /qs buy to make the shop buy/sell instead

  3. Stock the shop accordingly, if necessary.

How to Buy/Sell to a Shop

  1. Find a shop

  2. Hit / Left-click the shop

  3. Enter the amount you wish to trade in the chat

We encourage players to create their own quick shops to sell items. You can also create a player warp ($12k) to make it easier for people to teleport to your shop. Use /pwarp set (name) Note: You are limited to one player warp by default