Prices, commands, and towny related info.

In order to create a town, you must be Rank Asteroid and have $3,000. New towns have an upkeep of $200 but will increase as more residents join. To get more plot claims you can invite more residents, buy bonus plots, join a nation or earn them from crates. In order to create a nation, you must be Rank Star and have $45,000. New nations have an upkeep of $650 but this number will increase as more members are added. An outpost costs $15,000 to create. Commands: /t - town info

/towny prices - Prices of all town/nation related items

/t new (name) - create a town with $3k /t deposit - deposit money to the bank (you need this to pay taxes, additional plots, etc) /t withdraw - withdraw money from the bank /t claim - claims a chunk you are in (use F3 + G to see chunk borders) /t unclaim - unclaims a chunk you are in /towny map - find out where claims are /t toggle - toggle pvp, fire, and more using this /t invite - invites people to the town /t join (name) - join a town /n - nation info /n new (name) - create a nation with $60k If you want to add a friend to your plot claim: /res friend add (friend) For a full detailed guide on towny commands: